Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sorry, I haven't recently posted on this bad boy. I would say that I'm exceptionally busy and yadda yadda yadda, but the truth is that I'm just totally lazy. Go figure. Also, I hate to bore people with a blog posting that talks about my dog, or what I had for lunch, or what Journey song I learned on the guitar this week. I try and spare y'all.

That being said- there are some new and unique goings on in my life. I guess the biggest thing is that I applied for my Student Visa today. Finally! It's the last phase of this process for me to worry and fret over, so I can't wait until a month or so from now- when *hopefully* I'll have an official move date and all that jazz. I can't wait to buy a plane ticket and start packing. I feel like this is completely the right path for me. Essentially, all I have to do now is look hottt on Thursday to get my Passport photos taken. I learned my lesson from last time. And since I'm so helpful and stuff I'll give you my tips on how not to look shit in your passport photo. Many of these are counterintuitive, but I'm a blonde and I somehow missed all this the last time.

1. Don't wear a patterned hot pink, black and orange shirt. It ain't like your driver's license. It'll show, and you'll feel totally conspicuous and American every time you travel. As an aside, maybe never wear a patterned hot pink, black and orange shirt. Ever. What was I thinking?
2. Brushing your hair is a good idea. If you always tuck it behind your ear it may be best to just take the photo that way, as opposed to having a huge kink on one side of your head.
3. A natural color lipstick never hurt anyone. It shows that you indeed have lips, as opposed to a crease in the middle of your chin.
4. In that respect, a little blush never killed anyone. Don't go all Mimi from The Drew Carey Show all over your business, but it's best to look like you have a pulse.
5. Chin straight at the camera, and don't try to get a facebook angle in the photo. They won't let you and then you'll just look like a numbskull who doesn't know how to hold their head in a natural way.

With those words of wisdom, I'll get back to important stuff like watching 16 and Pregnant on MTV. I mean, reading Shakespeare. Yeah, that's it. Shakespeare.