Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Space Bags are...

... the cat's pajamas. The dog's bollocks. The porcupines pinafore. The ferret's frock. Ok, ok I'll stop. But, seriously dude- they're totally awesome. Yes, I just said dude, totally and awesome in the same sentence. I watch a lot of bad reality TV, so sue me. Anyway, these space gizmos are going to enable me to pack a LOT more clothes than I thought I'd be able to. Always good news for a little clothes horse like me.

I'm 70% packed as of this point. I can hear you dying of excitement at this news, but heck it's exciting for me. Currently, I feel like I hear the word exciting 100 times a day. And here's why: my lovely friend Vanessa also works in a restaurant, and she advised me to tell everyone that I'm leaving for grad school in a foreign country at the end of the week. Her *very smart* opinion was that it will increase my tips by quite a bit. And she's totally right. Here's a typical conversation between me and a customer at work. Usually, while I'm giving them their bill they'll bring up next time they'll be in or something of the sort.

Me: "Oh bummer dude, next time you come in I won't be here anymore. Saturday is my last day, because I'm moving."
Customer- "Really? Where are you moving?"
Me: "Actually, I'm moving to the UK."
Customer: "Wow, the UK! Oh my goodness, how exciting!"
Me: "Yes, yes I'm very excited."
Customer: "Well that's just great. Why?"
Me: "I'm going to Graduate School there."
Customer: "Grad School, what for? That's so exciting!"
Me: "Theatre. Yes, yes thank you I'm very excited."
And so on. The word exciting might come up 6 more times.

Then they tip me double what they would have and go about their merry way. I literally have this conversation 20 times a day. Even my regulars who've known for the past couple of weeks talk about how "excited" they are for me. It's kinda cool. It's kinda daunting.

I'm really excited. :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Seven more days...

...Until I leave for Europe. Eeeps. This is "get shit actually done and don't spend all the time you're not working laying in the sun and shopping" week. I won't bore you with the mundane details of what needs to get done, just know that it's all the boring crap I don't want to do or it would be done already. Yuck. Oh, and my lovely job scheduled me every night until I leave- except tomorrow. So, guess who will be slinging martini's on her last night in the US?

Unless of course, I storm out of the restaurant in fury before then. You see, one of the "managers" has taken to harassing me because Jersey Shore bitch from the previous blog is her bff. Le sigh. Hopefully she won't push me over the edge before I leave, because I actually like and respect the other managers, and would hate to put them in a crappy situation. Also, if I can stick it out- I win. She tried to fire me tonight, but she had to consult with another manager and they wouldn't allow it. I think her main beef with me, (and the other staff agrees) is that I'm bubbly and I'm always walking around laughing or with a smile on my face. Yes, I know that's easy for me to do because I leave soon, but I'm pretty much cheerful in general. I may be a total worrier, but I do it with a smile.

Anyway, enough work talk. I started packing last night. Um, if you know me at all, you know I have an eensy shopping problem. And, I sorta like boots. A lot. I've decided to only take two suitcases and a carry on, and only ship stuff if necessary. :( It's hard. But, it makes me feel kinda footloose and fancy free. I can pare my life down to three bags. I'm totally zen.