Thursday, December 16, 2010

Home again...

and it feels so good. Everyone keeps talking about how cold it is here, and I'm constantly like "jigga what? It's balmy and warm here psychos!" Anyway, I've fallen into a time warp and I'm back to this summer. Literally. I came back from the bar this evening (again time warp!) after work and my mom had washed and hung my work shirt in my room. Can I get a boo-yeah? I love the magical car full of gas, fridge full of food and laundry that magically cleans itself. Can I stay here?

I'm back to work, which is typically full of ups and downs. I literally threw a menu at a customer tonight. He was being a prick and deserved it, but still I threw a menu at him. Not going to lie, I felt better afterwards. Remarkably, he left me a $2 tip on $25, hmm I wonder why? Other than the assholes, it's nice being back at work. And tips are luuurvely.

So yeah, I'm back briefly. I am considering extending my stay here, but I'm not sure if I'll do any work in this lovely, fun environment. Meanwhile I'm enjoying the compliments (I missed my regulars at work and their love), sun, family, and my big brown dog. Oh, and proper cocktails. God bless the USA.