Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another one bites the dust...

Le sigh. So, the sweet, charming, and funny guy I met the other day has decided that he is going to be smart, charming and funny with somebody else. We only went on one date, but after over 50 emails and many, many texts combined with a fantastic date- I'm left feeling pretty disappointed. I'm not crying into my cheerios, but I am bummed out.

Everyone keeps telling me to stop looking, focus on myself and enjoy being single. It's great advice but it's much easier said than done. I really hate being single. I like cooking dinner with someone every night and cuddling on the couch. I like having someone to text all the time and vent to about school or work or whatever. I know Mr. Right is out there somewhere and I just need to be patient. But anyone who knows me knows that patience is NOT my strongest suit. I guess it's not as if I have any choice at this point.

I was kinda proud of myself yesterday. When Dom and I split I was a snotty mess for a few weeks. I didn't leave the house or even shower unless I was forced to go to school. I stopped eating and lost nearly ten pounds (all of which came back when I went home- I blame In-n-Out and Taco Bell) and I was basically a mess. Yesterday, I saw the hand writing on the wall with email date dude, and rather than wallow at home I got dressed, slapped on my sparkle headband and walked up to the pub with my book. And, wouldn't you know it I made some new friends. Actually, it was kind of funny how I met the new friends. I saw a couple come into the pub and just glancing at them, I could tell the girl was American. It's sort of like a sixth sense I have, Yankee radar or something. Anyway, I saw her go out for a cigarette and I leaped out of my seat, knocking an old man over in the process, to also go and smoke. I asked for a light and she heard my accent and we immediately launched into bitching about the lack of Taco Bell and good hot wings. She introduced me to everyone in the pub and the old man I knocked over will probably live. It was a good night out.

I have decided to move out of the house that Dom and I moved into together and into my own place. It's time. This place doesn't hold a lot of good memories for me and I'm ready to have my own little apartment. I plan to make it extra super duper girly and cheerful. I'm looking forward to a year of fresh starts and hope. Lots of hope.