Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Space Bags are...

... the cat's pajamas. The dog's bollocks. The porcupines pinafore. The ferret's frock. Ok, ok I'll stop. But, seriously dude- they're totally awesome. Yes, I just said dude, totally and awesome in the same sentence. I watch a lot of bad reality TV, so sue me. Anyway, these space gizmos are going to enable me to pack a LOT more clothes than I thought I'd be able to. Always good news for a little clothes horse like me.

I'm 70% packed as of this point. I can hear you dying of excitement at this news, but heck it's exciting for me. Currently, I feel like I hear the word exciting 100 times a day. And here's why: my lovely friend Vanessa also works in a restaurant, and she advised me to tell everyone that I'm leaving for grad school in a foreign country at the end of the week. Her *very smart* opinion was that it will increase my tips by quite a bit. And she's totally right. Here's a typical conversation between me and a customer at work. Usually, while I'm giving them their bill they'll bring up next time they'll be in or something of the sort.

Me: "Oh bummer dude, next time you come in I won't be here anymore. Saturday is my last day, because I'm moving."
Customer- "Really? Where are you moving?"
Me: "Actually, I'm moving to the UK."
Customer: "Wow, the UK! Oh my goodness, how exciting!"
Me: "Yes, yes I'm very excited."
Customer: "Well that's just great. Why?"
Me: "I'm going to Graduate School there."
Customer: "Grad School, what for? That's so exciting!"
Me: "Theatre. Yes, yes thank you I'm very excited."
And so on. The word exciting might come up 6 more times.

Then they tip me double what they would have and go about their merry way. I literally have this conversation 20 times a day. Even my regulars who've known for the past couple of weeks talk about how "excited" they are for me. It's kinda cool. It's kinda daunting.

I'm really excited. :)