Monday, June 7, 2010

Bored people are totally boring...

When I was a little girl- if I ever complained that I was "bored" my great grandma (who was about 123 years old and 77 pounds of pure ferocity) would snap at me "Bored people are boring!" Then she'd throw a quarter at me and tell me to save it for college. Well Great Granny Oelrich- I AM BORED!

I've only been living at home for a few days, and while my family is ridiculously amazing (um seriously, I got in my car yesterday and it was magically full of gas)- I am soooo bored.

I have nothing to worry about, nothing dire to do, nowhere pressing to go and it's fricking killing me. I know I'll find a summer job. I'll get my student loans and visa easy peasy. I live in a comfortable house with plenty of food, cable, lovely company, a sweet dog, and a town library that has all the True Blood DVD's. I really need to quit bitching. Ugh, I'm even annoying myself.